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Mission & Vision
Board of Directors

Integrity, Transparency & Business Ethics

  • Maintaining the highest level of integrity and full transparency in all our interactions with our stakeholders; and
  • Maintaining the highest possible ethical standards.
  • The fundamental ethos deriving all our activities is based on the concept that only by acting with the benefit of others in mind will one achieve true gain (jiririta, in Japanese).

Customer Loyalty

  • Providing sincere and prompt customer service;
  • Building customer awareness about future product and market trends;
  • Maintaining the quality norms & standards; and
  • Setting quality benchmarks.

Improvement & Innovation

  • Continually improving processes, systems, policies, delivery and turnaround times; and
  • Deploying innovative methods, tools & techniques.


  • Striving to achieve excellence in all spheres of activity.

Team Work

  • Respecting the individual;
  • Inculcating fellow feeling and team spirit across the organisation; and
  • Learning from one another, looking beyond one's own area of work to assist in the completion of tasks and recognising others’ performance.
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